Monday, October 15, 2007

Kanimozhi in Devils Advocate

The first question my 7th std studying cousin asked me
when I called up my home was ,"Did you see Jodi number one in Vijay TV,
Do you know what Simbu said(cried!!) last week" .Have seen the episode
that created a furore. Seems the current hot topic in Tamil Nadu is Jodi
number one.People say it is a trick to improve the TRP(is it TRP or TRB!!) ratings.
But seems the program is already a hit..!!

Watched Kanimozhi on Karan Thapar’s Devils Advocate.
The very first question from him is, Let’s start with your father’s comments
about Lord Ram. ‘Who is this Ram? Which engineering college did he study
in and become a civil engineer? When did he build this so-called bridge?’
Can you accept that to the hundreds and millions who worship Ram as God,
both the tone and the content are deeply offensive?

And the answer goes like this… “…In Tamil Nadu, we come from a culture
that questions and is open to criticism, be it culture or anything else..”
And she quotes Kaalamega Pulavar of 17th century who questions Lord Shiva.
She put forth her arguments in a composed, calm manner and in a clear way
that made the usually interrupting Karan Thapar to sit and listen to the other
side of the untold truth.And he went on to say,” I understand that you may
have a strong defence. Others may disagree with it. At least you have a chance
to explain it the way you and your father see it”

I was at pains to explain my non-Tamil speaking friends here when the issue rocked.

The intelligent thing is that she questioned the (sanity of ) questions being
asked.When Thapar asks, “ So in the interest of the project it does not matter
if a few egg shells are broken on the way”, she quips,” Actually, the point is
who’s breaking the eggshells?”. And she made it clear, he quoted Valmiki when
he says Rama drank.I still remember the news being flased in TVs and websites
misquoting or twisting the statements to make it sensational.

Remember, when George Fernandes said that, “had someone done this kind of a
thing in China, he would have been shot dead” - on the issue of Indo-US nuclear
deal accusing Congress of lying, the TV channels blatantly said Fernandes wants
Manmohansingh to be shot on head..??!!

The nice thing about the interview was Thapar pronounced the name Kanimozhi
correctly without much difficulty. The saree clad Tamil Nadu MP really impressed
the show by elucidating the facts.

Fine, I don’t have an answer to a hypothetical question that my friend asked,
Would the CM commented in the same tone,same way had Lord Muruga or
Lord Venkateshwara been involved in this issue.

The transcript of the program
The video
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